The heart of a full high-performance embedded development kit environment; size smaller than the palm of a hand; and performance matching Smartphones, Tablets and high computing mobile devices.

Gimbaled Stereo Camera with HD imaging

Dual 5Mega pixel gimbaled HD cameras, useful for Long range Depth Estimation, 3D mapping, gesture control, stabilizing your images/videos, point and shoot, follow-me applications, Computer Vision

Smartphone connectivity with WIFI communication

WLAN(802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth4.0. Access and control your applications, data, images/videos remotely and securely. Use on mobile drones, moving applications, hands-free operation

Quad core Computing with modularity

Quad-core ARM® Cortex with Pre-loaded 4.2.2 Android operating system (upgradable) . Modularity of Brainbox helps it upgradable with new releases of components. All boards, cameras and antennas are upgradable and plug&play

Multi-Camera configuration

Applications extend to OFC, Enhances Position lock , Altitude control and navigation


Shock Absorption with Dual Redundant Sensing

Keeps applications working smoothly, prevents damage and disturbance. Impact resilience and prolonged structural integrity. Survives in the toughest of scenarios and higher sensing accuracy, lower standard deviation of data and great backup in case of failure

Drona and OCURA

DRONA and OCURA are the foundation families of high-performance computing, precision sensing, and high fidelity control for various robotics and imaging solutions across the industry. The family are plug & play and stack to form various configurations for multiple applications.


Made in the USA

Designed in Georgia, manufactured in California, the BrainBox is truly American built. It is also a good friend of UL and the environment with it being RoHS compliant

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