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VAIRDO is in the business of providing custom and pre-configured miniaturized computing, control and sensing platforms for industries from smart weapons, compact drone sensors & controls, video monitoring and deployable sensors, Robotics, Unmanned systems, consumer electronics. Our markets are in the Military, R&D, consumer electronics and B2B solutions. "We pride ourselves in making the world’s most cutting edge, smart and compact sensor, electronics and control systems being used in applications involving computer vision, wireless telemetry and smart computing/sensing"
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Meet the Team

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Randall Foster

Business Development
Randall is an accomplished entrepreneur, global business leader, business consultant, and capital advisor who thrives at the intersection of innovative solutions, people, finance, capital and communications.
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Jayant Ratti

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Jayant has his Ph.D. in Robotics & AI from Georgia Institute of Technology and in his capacity as Robotics Engineer at Vairdo, focusses on integration activities of sensors and control systems.
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Joshua Jameson

Mechanical Design
You’ll likely find Joshua in our prototyping shop covered in plastic and metal shavings, getting his hands dirty working out our newest design idea. If he isn’t there, he is probably at his desk sketching or digitally creating ideas in 3D CAD.
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Mehdi Hashemi

Electrical Design
Mehdi grew up to be passionate Electrical Engineering and after graduating from college, he worked as an electrical engineer for about 8 years. Mehdi has 10 years of experience in different fields of electrical engineering.
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Naval Rajwar

3D motion and Graphics
Naval is a happy go lucky camper, who is thrilled at the idea of designing. Naval brings years of experience from Samsung in 3D and graphics and is engrossed in his computer monitors animating, 3D designing.
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Casey Edgerton

Mechanical Design
Engineering is at the heart of Casey’s daily activities. Recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, he has been a consultant and a engineer in the field for years now as well.
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Eric Shim

Aerospace & Java
Sounds like a coffee mix from the engineering realm, but Eric’s experience and interest expand from Aerospace to Java coding for the products here at Vairdo.
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Jingyuan Liang

Embedded Firmware
Jingyuan’s Electrical and Computer Engineering degree is happily explored in developing, programming and testing embedded targets. She is currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
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