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HD cameras for high resolution photography, videos and computer vision

Dual 5Mega pixel cameras, useful for Long range Depth Estimation, 3D mapping, gesture control, Computer Vision

Useful for stabilizing your images/videos, point and shoot, follow-me applications

Dual GPS units for to enhance navigation applications

Applications extend to OFC, Enhances Position lock and navigation

WLAN(802.11b/g/n). Wireless upgrade of Firmwares

Electronics are modular and upgradable.

Quad-core ARM® Cortex with Pre-loaded 4.2.2 Android operating system (upgradable)

Onboard data storage for images, pictures, videos using the micro SD card storage

Camera port, USB, peripheral ports to support further applications

All boards, cameras and antennas are upgradable with new release components and plug&play

Keeps applications working smoothly, prevents damage and disturbance. Impact resilience and prolonged structural integrity

WLAN(802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth4.0. Use on mobile drones, moving applications, hands-free operation enabled device

For survival in the toughest of scenarios and higher sensing accuracy, lower standard deviation of data and great backup in case of failure

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VAIRDO is in the business of providing custom and pre-configured miniaturized computing, control and sensing platforms for industries from smart weapons, compact drone sensors & controls, video monitoring and deployable sensors, Robotics, Unmanned systems, consumer electronics. Our markets are in the Military, R&D, consumer electronics and B2B solutions.
"We pride ourselves in making the world’s most cutting edge, smart and compact sensor, electronics and control systems being used in applications involving computer vision, wireless telemetry and smart computing/sensing"



Cutting edge robotics solutions to meet high demand autonomous hardware solutions on Land, Air and Water


We pride ourselves in giving life to sketches, breathing them into wonderful pieces of engineering form and art


Our work covers complex aerodynamics, avionics, micro aerial vehicles, large alternate energy flying vehicles and much more


We breathe micro hardware, smart computing and innovative compact sensor and control solutions for various industries


Robots to flying bots to consumer electronics, complex gear train systems, mathematics, dynamics and kinematical hardware systems, we have expertise to do it all


Our team spreads across in software for consumer products to computer vision applications development, firmware development. Android, Matlab applications and more

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